Yes! Science!

Yes! Science!

6 Episodes

Experience the captivating world of science with Pallas the Librarian in Yes! Science! As Pallas proves science has no boundaries, she interviews a diverse array of individuals thriving in STEM-related careers, unveiling the incredible stories behind their work. From groundbreaking researchers to ingenious engineers, each episode delves into their fascinating journeys and the invaluable contributions they make to society. Through captivating interviews, mesmerizing experiments, and enlightening literary explorations, Yes! Science! is a gateway to the limitless possibilities of STEM, inviting everyone to embrace the wonder of scientific inquiry.

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Yes! Science!
  • Arianne Hunter

    Episode 1

    Pallas the Librarian interviews Arianne Hunter about her career path as a scientist. Pallas and Arianne also make fluffy foam slime and discuss the books that inspired Arianne, “Don’t Be Such a Scientist: Talking Substance in an Age of Style” by Randy Olson and “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes.

  • Alyssa Grooms

    Episode 2

    Pallas the Librarian interviews intellectual property attorney, Alyssa Grooms. Pallas and Alyssa also make blobs in a bottle and discuss the book, “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor.

  • Lee Fithian

    Episode 3

    Pallas the Librarian interviews architect, Lee Fithian. Lee and Pallas also make soap-powered boats and discuss the book, The New Mathematics of Architecture by Jane Burry and Mark Burry.

  • Elizabeth Smith

    Episode 4

    Pallas the Librarian interviews meteorologist, Elizabeth Smith. Pallas and Elizabeth also make a hot air balloon and discuss the Harry Potter series.

  • Lily Christman Peppers

    Episode 5

    Pallas the Librarian interviews Lily Christman Peppers, the Youth and School Program’s Coordinator at the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Lily also teaches Pallas how to make a terrarium and discusses the book, A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.

  • Autumn Loveless

    Episode 6

    Pallas the Library interviews Autumn Loveless, a software developer at amshot. Pallas and Autumn also talk about making robots, 3D printing, and the book, “We Are Legion (We Are Bob)” by Dennis E. Taylor.