Yes! Science!

Yes! Science!

6 Episodes

Showing that science is for everyone, Pallas the Librarian interviews people in various STEM-related careers about their work, performs fun science experiments, and discusses books that have inspired our guests.

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Yes! Science!
  • Arianne Hunter

    Episode 1

    Pallas the Librarian interviews Arianne Hunter about her career path as a scientist. Pallas and Arianne also make fluffy foam slime and discuss the books that inspired Arianne, “Don’t Be Such a Scientist: Talking Substance in an Age of Style” by Randy Olson and “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes.

  • Alyssa Grooms

    Episode 2

    Pallas the Librarian interviews intellectual property attorney, Alyssa Grooms. Pallas and Alyssa also make blobs in a bottle and discuss the book, “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor.

  • Lee Fithian

    Episode 3

    Pallas the Librarian interviews architect, Lee Fithian. Lee and Pallas also make soap-powered boats and discuss the book, The New Mathematics of Architecture by Jane Burry and Mark Burry.

  • Elizabeth Smith

    Episode 4

    Pallas the Librarian interviews meteorologist, Elizabeth Smith. Pallas and Elizabeth also make a hot air balloon and discuss the Harry Potter series.

  • Lily Christman Peppers

    Episode 5

    Pallas the Librarian interviews Lily Christman Peppers, the Youth and School Program’s Coordinator at the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Lily also teaches Pallas how to make a terrarium and discusses the book, A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.

  • Autumn Loveless

    Episode 6

    Pallas the Library interviews Autumn Loveless, a software developer at amshot. Pallas and Autumn also talk about making robots, 3D printing, and the book, “We Are Legion (We Are Bob)” by Dennis E. Taylor.