Visit Oklahoma Picks

Visit Oklahoma Picks

If you're looking for an adventure in Oklahoma, these stores highlight people and places worth a visit.

Visit Oklahoma Picks
  • Robert's Grill, The Lokal Yukon, Farmstead Cafe

    Justin Coleman and Undrell Maholmes travel along Route 66 in Oklahoma for burgers, melts, and other delicious food. For our first stop, we visited Robert's Grill in El Reno where Edward Graham made us a double-meat onion burger and a hotdog with slaw. We took a break for some coffee and drinks at...

  • Masa Ramen & Sushi and Rococo

    Phi proves the landlocked state of Oklahoma has excellent seafood options as she visits Masa Ramen & Sushi and Rococo in Oklahoma City.

  • Cafe Kacao and Ma Der Lao Kitchen

    Cafe Kacao is a family own restaurant featuring Guatemalan breakfast, lunch, and brunch. Phi joins Veronica Zelada and Alex del Cid in the kitchen where she learns how to make pepian de Pollo. Then with Jeff Chanchaleune, owner and chef of Ma Der Lao Kitchen, Phi learns about Lao food.

  • The Overholser Mansion and The Paramount Building

    Jeff gets a tour of The Overholser Mansion and The Paramount Building in Oklahoma City as he learns about their ghost stories.

  • Welcome to the Plaza Walls

    Welcome to the Plaza Walls explores the history, the challenges faced, and the community benefits of the curated outdoor mural exhibition known as the Plaza Walls in Oklahoma City.

  • BlueJ's Rockin' & Rollin' Grill, Rice N Buns, Bar Arbolada

    We visited BlueJ's Rockin' & Rollin' Grill for a rockin' spicy burger and a wow-worthy chicken Parmesan sandwich; Rice N Buns for burger buns made of rice and ramen; and Bar Arbolada, where Alton Brown said they "have the best double cheeseburger in America."

  • Bonus: Streetcar Ghost Tour with Embark

    Author and Host of the Oklahoma City Ghost Tours, Jeff Provine, leads Caitlin Ford from EMBARK on a ghost tour along the streetcar route. Stops include Automobile Alley, Downtown, Bricktown, and Scissortail Park. This video was originally filmed for Uncovering Oklahoma but has been enhanced as bo...

  • Pie Junkie and Not Cho Cheesecake

    Take a bite of some sweets with Phi as she travels to Pie Junkie, where she learns how to make an oatmeal chocolate chip pie. Then Phi visits Not Cho Cheesecake to decorate cheesecakes.

  • Pryor’s Pizza Kitchen

    The oven at Pryor’s Pizza Kitchen uses anthracite coal, cooking their pizzas at about 1,000 degrees. Owner Brett Adkins explained their pizzas have a little charred taste, which he loves, and said it’s an authentic taste you would not find in a typical pizza place. For this episode of Uncovering ...

  • The Wings Episode with OKC Black Eats

    Apollo visits three black-owned restaurants in Oklahoma City for their wings.

  • Butcher BBQ and GangNam Korean BBQ

    Phi travels to Wellston, Oklahoma, to stop at the World-Winning BBQ joint Butcher BBQ Stand along Route 66. Then Phi learns all the tricks about Koren Style BBQ at GangNam Korean BBQ in Moore.

  • Zero Tolerance Coffee and Chocolate

    Take a tour of Zero Tolerance Coffee and Chocolate in Oklahoma City. Maura and Roy Baker share their chocolate-making process from start to finish and talk about their coffee shop in the Britton District.

  • Sweet Treats

    For all of your sweet tooth, Uncovering Oklahoma visited places in Oklahoma, Edmond, and Norman for some sweet treats. Plus, join us on a tour of a food-themed art exhibition at Oklahoma Contemporary.

  • Silhouette Sneakers & Art

    Silhouette Sneakers & Art is a Tulsa-based retail experience where fashion, art, and community converge. Owner, Venita Cooper, shares the story behind her passion for sneakers and her goals of becoming an inclusive space in Tulsa.

  • Sergio's Italian Bistro

    Doing American-Italian dishes with a personal twist, Sergio's Italian Bistro offers fresh food in Downtown Norman, ensuring every item differs from everybody else.

  • Great Salt Plains State Park

    Discover rare crystals at Great Salt Plains State Park - an adventure-filled travel destination!

  • Mexican Food with Cristela Carrizales

    Cristela Carrizales guest hosts this episode of Uncovering Oklahoma as she takes us to three of her favorite Mexican restaurants in Oklahoma City's Southside.

  • Ganache Patisserie in Oklahoma City

    Started by husband and wife Laura Szyld and Matt Ruggi, Ganache Patisserie is a European-style café and bakery where you can take apart the balance of flavors in your mouth. When you come to Ganache in Oklahoma City's Chisholm Creek district, Matt encourages guests to enjoy every flavor and relax...

  • Quartz Mountain

    Get an overview of the Quartz Mountain experience by hearing from two frequent visitors of the area.

  • 21c Pool Bar and Bodega in Oklahoma City

    Relax by the pool while you have a bite and drink at 21c's Pool Bar and Bodega in Oklahoma City.

  • The Ice Creamatory in Norman

    Dive into the thrilling world of horror-themed ice cream with James Mikowski, the owner of The Ice Crematory in Norman, Oklahoma. In this interview, James shares how he and his wife, both avid horror movie enthusiasts, came up with the chilling idea of blending their love for horror and ice cream...

  • The International Beer Day Episode

    Bri takes us to visit Featuring Skydance Brewing, Frenzy Brewing, Vanessa House Beer Company and Legally Brewed.

  • Full Moon Bike Ride

    From beginners to experienced cyclists, The Full Moon Bike Ride welcomes everyone for a leisurely ride through some beautiful locations in Oklahoma City under the moonlit night.