Tales Unveiled

Tales Unveiled

4 Seasons

Tales Unveiled combines real Oklahoma urban legends in a narrative of a greater mystery. The docudrama podcast series follows two individuals with different pursuits as they team up to research paranormal stories in their state. Journalist Sam Saxton, (voiced by Dennis Spielman) meets fiction author and paranormal researcher Geoff DeRoot, (voiced by Jeff Provine) at a ghost tour at a reportedly haunted house in old Oklahoma City. Following a strange encounter, the two decide to work working together to unveil local hauntings.

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Tales Unveiled
  • A Chance Meeting at The Overholser Mansion

    Episode 1

    A reporter for TSSN, Sam Saxton, is among several guests invited to tour Oklahoma City’s Overholser Mansion. As Sam records the tour for his new podcast series exploring urban legends, he has a chance meeting with Professor Geoff DeRoot, who researches the paranormal history of Oklahoma. When the...

  • Checking Out The Haunted Hotel

    Episode 2

    Sam Saxton gathers interviews from people in Downtown Oklahoma City about the famous Skirvin Hotel, where everyone has their own opinion about whether it is haunted. Geoff DeRoot is convinced it hosts numerous ghosts and claims to know a person with firsthand encounters. As Sam digs for the truth...

  • Off Track at the Tower Theatre

    Episode 3

    After receiving a distraught voicemail from a patron of the Tower Theatre, Sam and Geoff arrange a tour there. Geoff is particularly interested because of the stories from other local theatres, such as the Pollard, Lyric, and Sooner Theatre. When the two arrive, they get a story they weren’t expe...

  • Stirring Up the Ghosts at Kendall’s Restaurant

    Episode 4

    After Sam and Geoff toured the Tower Theatre, they stopped inside Scottie’s Deli where they ran into Greg Elwell of I Ate Oklahoma. Inspired by Greg’s ghost stories of restaurants with an immoral past, Sam and Geoff set off to meet with Kimberly Lock, the owner of Kendall’s Restaurant in Noble, O...

  • A Paramount Discovery in Film Row

    Episode 5

    Inspired by a mysterious EVP message, Sam and Geoff visit The Paramount Building in Oklahoma City’s Film Row. As they learn the history and paranormal tales of the district, Sam starts to scratch the surface of Geoff’s past.

  • The Open Door in Bricktown

    Episode 6

    Sam and Geoff meet up with Charles Stout, a walking encyclopedia for all things Bricktown Brewery. Stout shares the history of Oklahoma City’s Bricktown district as well as give a tour of a few unexplained things in the restaurant. The professor also reveals to Sam some research he’s been doing o...

  • Walking Around Guthrie

    Episode 7

    After being invited to join another podcast group at the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, Sam and Geoff arrive early to Oklahoma’s most haunted town to gather more stories while there. Local residents give personal experiences of downtown and Stacey Frazier of the Guthrie Ghost Walk shares a treasure t...

  • Taming The Stone Lion Inn

    Episode 8

    The Stone Lion Inn Bed & Breakfast in Guthrie, Oklahoma has been featured in numerous books and TV series for its ghost stories. Sam and Geoff team up with The Okie Show Show podcast to check out the paranormal activity in a place that the owner refers to as being “a house with issues.”

  • Digging Up The Truth

    Episode 9

    Sam and Geoff conduct separate interviews with Sam getting a second opinion from Localites OKC on places they’ve visited and Geoff learning about the legendary Chinese Tunnels. Their conversations add new levels of mystery to the tales of Oklahoma.

  • Patefacio

    Episode 10

    Tasked by Professor DeRoot, Sam returns to the Overholser Mansion to investigate an item that was gifted to the Overholsers by George Grayson. The next day, the professor requests Sam’s presence as he found an entrance to the lost Chinese Tunnels. Learn what they find in the season finale of Tale...