Namron Players Theatre Collection

Namron Players Theatre Collection

The Namron Players Theatre Collection features works made in partnership with Namron Players Theatre.

Namron Players Theatre Collection
  • About A Bear


    Sheryl Martin gathers stories from Oklahomans about getting through what they never saw coming in this mockumentary film. Life goes on—even during a pandemic.

  • Meet Up!

    From Namron Players Theatre, Meet Up is a one-act play about dating sites and the future of intimacy. How has digital communication redrawn the boundaries of love, and what human interaction can achieve?

  • New Plays 2021

    Small-town attitudes, down-home traditions, family values—
    meet Melanie Wilderman, Ted Satterfield, and Sarah King Bartell...
    Namron Players Theatre presents three brand new one-act plays that dig a little deeper.

    “Too Much to Bare” written by Ted Satterfield directed by Jane Gibbons:
    Bailey is ...

  • Lunch Box


    During the global pandemic, a community gathers online and starts sharing their memories of school lunches. The Good, the Bad, and the Leftovers. These memories of the past and a little bit of fantasy will help them get through the present.