Leadership Board

Leadership Board

9 Episodes

Talks to help you become a better leader and more successful with your business.

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Leadership Board
  • What is EMOD and how can it save you Money

    Episode 1

    Risk Management Control Expert from INSURICA, DeMarcus Strange, explains what EMOD is and how it affects the cost of your Insurance. EMOD stands for 'experience modifier.' DeMarcus discusses how basic safety processes can encourage a safe atmosphere that lowers your EMOD.

  • Process Mapping

    Episode 2

    Rob Miles breaks down the importance of process mapping to solve problems.

  • Be Sell Ready

    Episode 3

    Hank Bockus explains the importance of planning for your business exit strategy. Whether you are growing your startup to leave a legacy or for a big buyout, it's important to view your business through a potential buyer's eyes. Set up accounting, budgeting, and strategy around these principles no...

  • Simplifying Self Care

    Episode 4

    What is self-care? How do we practice and simplify it? Carrie Jankowski, Licensed Clinical Social Worker from the OU College of Arts & Sciences will explore the meaning self-care and how it effects your well being to help you be a better leader.

    Intentional actions can reduce physical, psycholo...

  • Product Development

    Episode 5

    Founder and CEO of Project 3810, Vicki Langford, shares the steps for product development and a better strategy than creating a minimum viable product.

  • Trademarks

    Episode 6

    Ross Chaffin from Tomlinson McKinstry P.C. gives a lesson on trademarks regarding small businesses. Ross Chaffin is a registered patent attorney. Ross's practice areas include intellectual property, filing and prosecuting patent and trademark applications, developing a company's intellectual prop...

  • Money Sense

    Episode 7

    Founder and CEO of Project 3810, Vicki Langford, talks about money. Money costs money, did you know that? Starting a business takes money, and every entrepreneur needs to take on the role of CFO. Vicki will break down some key areas to help you strategically invest money.

  • Meditation - Connecting Within

    Episode 8

    Join Teresa Collado, Executive Director of The Virtue Center and Fitness Instructor at the YMCA as she discusses the practice and health benefits of mindful meditation and connecting within. Focus your attention, find a quiet setting, grab a comfortable setting and begin to breathe.

  • Build Your B.R.A.N.D. without Breaking Your Bank

    Episode 9

    Craft a compelling brand that truly connects! Join Vincent Lee on a journey to elevate your brand strategy, delving into the profound layers beyond mere logos and visuals. Envision your brand as a flourishing tree, and explore the pivotal questions (B, D, R, A, N) that mold your brand identity. U...