Archiving Contemporary Art

Archiving Contemporary Art

2 Seasons

Plunge into the vibrant world of contemporary art with Archiving Contemporary Art as award-winning journalist Dennis Spielman delves into the creative minds of artists and art collectives. Discover hidden masterpieces, be inspired for your artistic endeavors, and gain a profound appreciation for the ever-evolving landscape of artistic expression.

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Archiving Contemporary Art
  • Sugar High

    Episode 1

    A dystopian world fueled by sugar was brought to life in an immersive art experience in Enid, Oklahoma. Several of the artists reflect on the art installation and give a final tour.

  • Artful Inlets

    Episode 2

    Discover Norman's Artful Inlets: Where creativity meets community to keep the city water clean. This episode takes a three-year look at the clean water project and offers advice and inspiration for other cities looking to implement a similar campaign.